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Send me your burning skin or hair care questions…

  • Got a question about a mole?
  • Got a question about the sun and sun exposure?
  • Got a question about your skin: Acne, freckles, oily, dry, scars, discoloration?
  • Got a question about a study, skin or hair medication, research or news?
  • Got a question about general health: Nutrition, sleep, water, exercise, cancer prevention, weight loss, happiness?
  • Got a questions about products?
  • Got a question about skin cancer prevention?
  • Got a question about hair health: Growth, shine, split ends, cleansing, conditioning?
  • Got a question about hair loss: Normal hair fall, sudden hair loss, laser hair therapy, diseases that cause hair loss, medications that cause hair loss, medications for hair loss?

No question too big or too small – but be specific! Just ask Jodi (we’ll protect your identity, of course, and keep your question anonymous) and I’ll answer that question right here on the blog.

Send me an email at (Please, no phone calls.)


Jodi LoGerfo, MSN, APRN, BC, FNP-C
Family Nurse Practitioner
Board-Certified in Dermatology

Orentreich Medical Group, LLP

7 thoughts on “Send a Question

  1. Hi Jodi, Does Minoxidil causes collagen depletion? I have been using Rogaine for 6 months and I have noticed in the last month several deep wrinkles under my eyes, specifically the side I sleep on. I know there are a lot of testimonies on the internet, but wondering if this was true or just an internet rumor. It is also noted in Wikipedia. Thanks

  2. Hello Jodi,
    Thank you for your time. I was wondering how many treatments with the Fraxel laser will I need to cover at least 90% of the skin on my face if the density is set at 20% coverage each time. Thank you for your time

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